UCS Annual Election: 2015-2016


Would you like the opportunity to become more involved with the Department of Chemistry as part of a dedicated undergraduate team?

The Undergraduate Chemistry Society is building its Executive Team for the 2015/2016 academic year.

We will be accepting nominations for the following positions. Students going on co-op or exchange terms are encouraged to apply for positions where campus presence is not necessary for both academic terms.

Voting will take place at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, April 8th in Chem D213 and is open to Chemistry students only. If you are unable to attend the UCS elections, we will be accepting votes by proxy through ucspresident@gmail.com until 4:00 pm on Wednesday, April 8th.

Executive Positions for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Secretary (1)
The secretary is required to be on campus both terms to attend all meetings. The secretary’s duties include: taking notes and preparing meeting minutes at UCS meetings to be sent to all other executives and maintaining the UCS membership list and locker rental list.

Academic Coordinator (2)
The academic coordinators are tasked with contacting graduate schools to host recruitment events at UBC. They are also responsible for ensuring UCS’s exam packages for 1st and 2nd year chemistry classes are up-to-date and filled with relevant questions. This position involves frequent liaising with faculty and graduate students. This role spans the entire academic year; each academic coordinator is required to be on campus for at least one term.

Social Coordinator (2)
The social coordinators organize all the social events hosted by UCS throughout the year. This includes: 2-Bucks-a-Beaker (two per term) and Faculty Meet and Greet (one per term). Procurement of a liquor license, alcohol, pop and chips (2BaB) and cheese and crackers (Faculty Meet and Greet) are required duties. This role spans the entire academic year, and it is strongly preferred that each person be on campus for both terms.

Forum Coordinator (2)
The forum coordinators organize UCS’s annual Chemistry Forum, held in late February/early March, where invited speakers from various industries showcase the role their chemistry degrees have had in shaping their careers. While the event takes place during second term, the majority of the event preparation must be completed during first term. Organization of the all-day event includes, but is not limited to: communicating with potential speakers, ordering catering, booking the event space, and managing a given budget for the event.

Chemistry Undergraduate Research Conference (CURC) Coordinator (1)
The CURC coordinator is responsible for this annual conference held in late March, which showcases original research conducted by undergraduate students. Organization of this event includes: scheduling undergraduates to give presentations, ordering catering, and booking the event space. This position requires more involvement in the second term.

Internal Outreach Officer (1)
This position involves the organization of UCS events, such as lab coat tie-dye and lab tours, for promoting the Department of Chemistry to undergraduate students. This position involves liaising with faculty members, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. The internal outreach officer is required to be on campus both terms.

External Outreach Officer (1)
The external outreach officer is tasked with spearheading UCS’s new community outreach program, in collaboration with UBC Chemistry Outreach. This initiative involves UCS executives giving chemistry demonstrations at elementary and secondary schools, aiming to inspire an enthusiasm for the sciences in young children. The external outreach officer is required to be on campus both terms.

Communications Coordinator (1)
The communications coordinator is responsible for maintaining all of UCS’s social media accounts, including: Facebook (Michael Acceptor) and Twitter (@UCS_UBC). Enthusiastic promotion of all UCS events on Facebook is the key to success for UCS’s events. This position, spanning both terms, does not require the elected executive to be on campus.

Grad Coordinator (2)
The grad coordinators organize Chemiformal, a celebratory event for graduating Chemistry students held in late March. This position spans both terms, with most of the event planning taking place during the second term, though some preparation will be needed in the first term. Organization of the event includes, but is not limited to: booking the event venue, hiring a DJ, procuring prizes, and conducting ticket sales. The grad coordinators will work to plan the event within a given budget.

Website Coordinator (1)
The webmaster is responsible for maintaining UCS’s website: this involves making regular posts detailing event information and updating the website as needed. Experience with WordPress and/or UBC CMS is strongly preferred, while knowledge of HTML/CSS is an asset. This role spans both academic terms, but the elected executive will not be required to be on campus.

Graphic Designer (1)
The graphic designer is responsible for communicating with other UCS executives and generating posters, website graphics, pamphlets, and other promotional material as per the event coordinators’ needs. The graphic designer will work to produce posters that balance aesthetics and functionality to attract attention to UCS-hosted events. Experience with industry standard design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, is strongly preferred — UCS strives to maintain a professional presence. Experience with designing material for print is a strong asset. This position spans both academic terms, but the executive will not be required to be on campus.

SUS Representative (1)
The successful candidate will be nominated by UCS to serve as the Chemistry Representative on the Science Undergraduate Society’s (SUS) council; UCS will support this representative in his or her campaign and ensure successful election. The SUS representative will serve as the primary link between UCS and other SUS clubs and will be required to attend both SUS and UCS meetings. As such, t­­­­­he SUS representative is required to be on campus for both academic terms.


Candidates are welcome to declare their nominations until 11:59 pm on Monday, April 6th. Please email ucspresident@gmail.com with your 3 ranked positions and a short blurb describing your interest and qualifications.

If you have any questions, please email ucspresident@gmail.com.