Chemistry Forum 2016


Unless you’re a computer science major like myself, you’re probably pretty lost about potential job prospects once you graduate. Fear not my friends, YOUR UCS has your back. Welcome to Chemistry Forum 2016!!

This event will illustrate the versatility of a chemistry degree through eight guest speakers, who will share the experiences that led them from a Bachelor’s in chemistry to their respective career paths. There will be plenty of time to ask questions, network, and socialize as well over free coffee and lunch.
If you’re still not hooked, we asked for 3rd and 4th year chemistry lectures conflicting with this event to be cancelled… just so you can attend! Those who RSVP before Monday, February 22nd will be entered into a prize draw for a business portrait photo session, courtesy of Artona Studios ($90 value).

Date: Tuesday, March 1st
Time: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM*
Location: Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre
Entry: FREE! Please RSVP here (
Dress Code: Semi-formal/ business casual

*3rd and 4th year chemistry lectures will be cancelled during this time. Students of all year levels are encouraged to attend between classes. Lab sections will be unaffected by cancellation.

This year our guest list includes:
  1. Dr. Walter Cicha
    Industrial Technology Adviser, National Research Council Canada
    Advises and supports the projects of small and medium enterprises to aid the development and commercialization of innovative technologies.
  2. Dr. Joel Kelly
    Chemist, BC Research Inc.
    Commercialization and scale up of new chemical technologies spanning multiple disciplines of chemistry and engineering.
  3. Dr. Glen Bremmer
    Electrochemistry Team Lead, SWITCH Materials
    Responsible for the development of electrochemical performance of hybrid photo/electrochromic smart window technology.
  4. Dr. Jason Hein
    Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Chemistry
    Profiles and studies complex networks of reactions utilizing in-situ kinetic reaction analysis, serving in the field of mechanistic organic chemistry.
  5. Kitty Yu
    Account Manager, Univar
    Works within the sales division, specializing in food and pharmaceutical ingredients.
  6. Ken Fogh
    Technical Director, Pipelines Coatings Development, ICAT Industries Inc.
    Director for product development and applications for oil and gas pipeline corrosion protection.
  7. Natalia Zisman
    Principle Research Associate, Northern Lipids Inc.
    Performs research on a variety of liposomal-based drug technologies, within formulations department.
  8. Adil Kassam
    Research Scientist, STEMCELL Technologies
    Synthesis and surface modification of particles for the development of efficient methods of cell separation.
Remember to dress business casual and practice that handshake!!